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From: Canada

Genre: Pop, Lounge, Easy-listening

Naina Jinga - is a Canadian-Romanian award-winner composer and a classically trained pianist.

Naina was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - a city with ancient musical traditions, where some of Romania’s most famous and well-known contemporary composers live, teach and create.

Naina Jinga began playing the piano at the age of four, performing as a soloist with an orchestra at ten, and writing her first compositions at twelve. She has appeared as a piano-soloist with Romanian orchestras, in solo and piano-…

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  1. Time For Us

  2. Whispers of Love

  3. Dream ...

  4. Dream ...

  5. What Child is This? & Away in a Manger

  6. Shall we Waltz?

  7. "Shall we Waltz?"

  8. Chimes in the Wind

  9. Emotions

  10. In Search of You

  11. Winter Adagio

  12. Tears of Light

  13. Distant Memories

  14. Nostalgia

  15. Beyond the Clouds

  16. Tears of Light

  17. Amalfi ... To Italy with Love

  18. Emotions

  19. First Kiss
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