Here are a few helpful tips about Jango. If you don't find what you're looking for, you are always welcome to contact us.

About Jango

Jango is a free personalized music streaming service that offers unlimited listening with no commercial interruptions and no ads. The service is available online at Free Jango Radio apps are also available for iOS or Android devices.

It's like having a radio station that will play the music that you like, but without the commercials! Just tune in to a genre or artist that you like and let Jango do the rest. You can further personalize your music experience by adding artists to the station, liking songs that you want to hear more often, banning songs you do not want to hear again, or changing the variety setting to play the most popular songs or songs that are less known.

Contact us if you have any further questions regarding our service.

Jango account and your Privacy

Signing up for Jango is free. Having an account will allow the service to provide a more personalized experience by saving your music preferences. That will also allow you to access your account from multiple devices, like your computer at work and your tablet at home or your phone while biking, for example.

When you sign up we ask for your email address, your gender and birth year. Your gender and age help the artists that promote their music on Jango by letting then understand which listeners are more likely to be interested in their music. Your email allows us to associate the account to a specific listener. It also allows us to communicate with you with news about our service or our artists. You can always edit your gender, age and username in the Edit Profile page of our website. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletters and messages from emerging artists in the Settings page of

We do not share your email with any third party. Your gender, age, and profile name can be seen by promoted artists you have liked.

Please contact us if you have any further questions regarding your account and privacy.

Signing up with a Facebook account

When you sign up to Jango using your Facebook account you grant us permission to access the following information:
- Your Public profile, from which we gather your Facebook ID and name (username).
- Your Facebook profile pic.
- Your gender.
- Your birthdate.
- The email address associated with your Facebook account so that we can communicate with you regarding your Jango account.

We do not share your email address with any other company.

You can always change what the promoted artists you have liked, and what other listeners may see about you through promoted artists' pages, in the Edit Profile page of our website.

To have us delete any of the data received through Facebook, your Jango account will have to be deleted. For that please email

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your privacy.

About RadioAirplay

Jango has partnered with the music promotion service at Radio Airplay provides us with independent and emerging artists that want to promote their songs to our listeners. They help us deliver free unlimited music with no commercials. We encourage our listeners to rate their music. Thanks!

Contact us if you have any questions regarding promoted artists or visit if you want to get your own music on Jango.

Canceling your Jango account

If you wish to have your Jango account deleted, please email us at Please let us know why you no longer wish to enjoy of free music with no commercials. If you had issues with the service, please check the troubleshooting sections below.

Troubleshooting on

Most issues on our website can be resolved with the following suggestions:
- Make sure your browser is up to date.
- Please disable AdBlock or similar extensions in your browser if you have them installed. You will not need them with Jango and they cause issues with many websites.
- Clear your browser’s cache (history and cookies).
- Check if there is a firewall on your internet connection. Firewalls can be common in public networks, like in schools or workplaces, and can sometimes block connections to services that offer entertainment.
- Check if the same issue is happening on other browsers.

Please contact us if none of that helped your issue. Our support team usually responds within a few hours.

Troubleshooting on the Jango Radio app for iOS

Most issues on our iOS app are resolved with the following:
- Restart your iOS device.
- Reinstall Jango Radio. Here is a link to our iTunes page.
- Check if the same issue happens on WiFi and on cellular data. That can help us understand if the issue is network related.

Please contact us if the issues persist.

Troubleshooting on the Jango Radio app for Android

Most issues on our Android app are resolved with the following:
- Check that you do not have AdBlock or a similar app installed.
- Check if you have any energy or battery saving apps or settings turned on. Such services will not allow Jango Radio to use those precious resources, especially if you have the app in the background or the screen turned off.
- Restart your device.
- Clear Jango’s cache. You can do that by accessing your device’s Settings, selecting Apps or Application Manager, then Jango and tap on Storage.
- Try reinstalling Jango Radio. Here is a link to our Google Play Store page.
- If you have no sound or the volume is low, please check that the volume slider at the bottom of Jango’s player screen is all the way to the right. That volume works separately from the one on your device.

Please contact us if you need further help.