Heavy AmericA
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From: MA, United States

Genre: Rock, Indie Rock, Hard Rock

The core Heavy AmericA sound finds its influence in a diverse blend of rock idioms, from the expertly performed progressive rock

circles to the edgy and incisive sounds of alternate rock rebellion. Blend in a pinch of stoner rock, and the listener has transcended the

run of the mill, stagnant musical forms that occupy a good deal of the digital music we hear today. Yet, Heavy AmericA manages to defy

the conveniences of category, presenting an arsenal of sounds and moods while unlocking a natural ability…

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  1. Heavy AmericA - "If You Care"

  2. Heavy AmericA "Easy Killer"

  3. Heavy AmericA "Motor Honey (Peace)"

  4. Heavy AmericA "Proud Shame"

  5. Heavy AmericA "Pray For Me"

  6. Heavy AmericA "Achilles Fail"

  7. Heavy AmericA "Heavy Eyes"
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