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From: United States

Genre: Pop, Rock, Folk

A really aging guy now mostly here as-a Cyber performer, 4 you, online.[See VIDEOS below made w/this PC]. Generations of Eclectic tunes w/a KEWL Roland keyboard. Hoping young people, everywhere hear these older songs & my originals. (Cole Porter to Coldplay) cuz they are so great and worth hearing! Health is waning but I'm going down singing like fammily before me (who didn't have this incredible technology. Please comment as I didn't even start 'til retirement age nearly a decade ago.

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  1. Mqdefault
    Phorest Joel Rocks
  2. Mqdefault
    Paralyzed [Elvis Cover]
  3. Mqdefault
    Rock Around The Clock
  4. Mqdefault
    I Can Hear You
  5. Mqdefault
    Positive eleKtrons
  6. Mqdefault
    emanoN Shuffle
  7. Mqdefault
    Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On
  8. Mqdefault
    At The Hop
  9. Mqdefault
    Grateful Deads' Bertha
  10. Mqdefault
    The Environmental Drums Of Earth
  11. Mqdefault
    Pride And Joy
  12. Mqdefault
    Seasons Reprise [Covers "Friends"]
  13. Mqdefault
    Who Knows Where The Time Goes
  14. Mqdefault
    Travelin' Band ( CCR Cover )
  15. Mqdefault
    Let It Be Me [(Covers Everly Brothers)]
  16. Mqdefault
    Don't Panic
  17. Mqdefault
    (the) Way You Make Me Feel
  18. Mqdefault
    Alone Again (Naturally)
  19. Mqdefault
    Let's Just Dance
  20. Mqdefault
    Love Will Keep Us Alive [Eagles Cover]
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