steady delta
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From: TX, United States

Genre: Jazz, ambient jazz, hip hop

Summoning Nostalgia Through Amateur 8mm Film Footage on the Eve of 5G

Somewhere someone raises a camera and records a present moment in their experience. It is preserved on film and years later, remote in time and space, I too observe this present moment that they have recorded.

My mind and that of the person recording their present moment experience with the camera are connected through time and space by the observation of this experience.

Through the vector of the observed present moment, we become…

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    How We Were
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    Flower Girl
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    Howard Johnson's 1962
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    Twilight Carnival
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    Vintage Corvette Racing
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    Washington Motel
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    Friends (1960)
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    Family Drive
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Defartist sm
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Enigma sounding----the best