From: United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, New Age, Ambient

"This music releases a restful healing presence in the room and transforms atmospheres into a refuge of deep healing peace. This isn't just another ambient listening CD. This is an experience you won't want to miss" ~quote from a dedicated fan

As a kid I plunked away on a toy piano till the keys gave up. Eventually our family obtained a huge old upright piano. I rolled a ball up and down that keyboard until my parents finally "broke" and decided piano lessons were their only hope for relief! In later years I didn't always have a piano so if I was near one I had to get my hands on it-like scratching an itch.

I've always been fascinated by nature - so much music, color, art and sound around me. For me, keyboards are just the audio version of painting but with a palette of unlimited colors. Still, I love the sound of a great acoustic piano.

play2open began with an intentional choice to breakaway from the dry demands of life. I had to reconnect with the creative again. I looked for music to help shut out the noise. I didn't find what worked for me, so I just sat and played what I "needed". Before long friends wanted it too. So here we are.

The music and flow is all spontaneous-nothing is composed or prerecorded. As for the name "play2open" it came in a dream-literally! More on that later..

Pursue your best!

Michele ~music composer creator play2open