From: United Kingdom

Alternative/Alt. Rock, funk, electronic

Welcome To The worlds foremost Eclecto-Funk-World-Rock-Electro-Folk Anomaly!

New album 'Freak Deco' out now !

"Avant Pop" - LGBT Weekly

"Extraordinary" - Dan Hegarty - RTÉ

"The music here offers greater rewards...pleasingly eclectic"

"Lyrically the songs engage politically"

- Simon Wardell - The Guardian

"If you haven’t checked this act out before, it’s a great place to start. If you are familiar, you should know how unusual and great PS can be. Get out and buy this now"

- G. W. Hill (Music Street Journal)

"...Now rather exitingly the musical maveric is back. Empowered by t'internet a new generation of musicians can be as experimental as they like without having to worry about how it sounds to an A&R man. One such artist is Pilgrim Speakeasy who combines the funkadelics with a political and mystical message, the likes of which HOLV has never heard ..."

- Heaven Or Las Vegas magazine interview.

' irresistible musical vision where genres and styles mix and live together in harmony'

' of the most interesting releases this year'

'..a record with hard rock and electro thumping, jamming and hip-hop beats, mystical preaching and political ponderings, speech samples and beatboxing.. dissonant chords and overwhelmingly beautiful melodies, flamenco and big band, synthetic sounds, sampling and weird collages....eclectic, but still charmingly simple'

Jani Ekblom -

'A Ruff Guide to...Pilgrim Speakeasy' makes the impossible possible and combines influences adopted from an enormous field and crafts them into a living, breathing entity – an album that sums up nearly everything ever done in rock into a new collage with mystic-political messages that drill straight into the listener’s brain.'

Mika Roth -