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From: PA, United States

Genre: Pop, Dance, Rock

The funk beast, recently reappearing on earth after spending a few million years at an intergalactic dance party, took note of how drastically unfunky Earth parties had become and decided he was just the dinosaur to change that. Using an arsenal of funk-infused, danceable beats, radio friendly hooks and fun, inventive lyrics, Mojoceratops is aiming to save Philadelphia and then the whole world from the dull mediocrity that has pervaded our planet’s parties.

The quartet was formed in March of 2011 when lo…

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    Partybot-9000 Official Music Video!
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    UNIRThru live @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA
  3. Mqdefault
    Murder on the Dance Floor live @ Canal Club RVA
  4. Mqdefault
    Partybot-9000 Live in Philadelphia, PA
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Defartist sm
United StatesUs
Thursday, October 20, 2011
good work.