Jerry Boutot
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From: FL, United States

Genre: Rock, Metal

I am Jerry Boutot, 11th Annual Independent Music Awards Nominee, composer and recording artist. I'm a one man virtual rock band with influences from many diverse artists including Rush, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Disturbed, Thomas Dolby, King Crimson, and Alan Parsons, just to name a few. You can call it Electronica, but for me it's a thinking man's medley of cerebral and emotion driven Rock 'n' Roll.

All of the music is written, recorded, produced, and distributed by Jerry Boutot…

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  1. Mqdefault
    It's Alright
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    It's Alright (Dark Waters) - Bass Guitar Part…
  3. Mqdefault
    It's Alright (Dark Waters) - Lead Guitar Parts…
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    Wayward Child (Dark Waters) - Jerry Boutot Music
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    Wayward Child (Dark Waters) Bass Only - Jerry Bout
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    Wayward Child (Dark Waters) Guitars Only - Jerry B
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    High Wire Part 1 (Dark Waters) - Lyrics Only - Jer
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    It's Alright (Dark Waters) - Lyrics Only - Jer…
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    Wayward Child (Dark Waters) Lyrics Only - Jerry Bo
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    Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday (Dark Waters) Lyrics
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    Ancient Crown (Dark Waters) Lyrics Only - Jerry Bo
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    Woman of the Night (Dark Waters) Lyrics Only - Jer
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    Heartbeat (Dark Waters) Lyrics Only - Jerry Boutot
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    Wendy's Song (Dark Waters) Lyrics Only - Jerry…
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    Dark Waters (Dark Waters Album Title Track) Lyrics
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    High Wire - Part 2 (Dark Waters) Lyrics Only
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    Cold Cruel World (Life and Death) Lyrics Only
  18. Mqdefault
    Drifting Away (Life and Death) Lyrics Only
  19. Mqdefault
    I Am Invincible (Life and Death) Lyrics Only
  20. Mqdefault
    High Wire - Part 1 (from Dark Waters)
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