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From: Spain

Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock

Eldorado is an experienced rock band that has been forged by the scenarios of different countries in its constant tours. The strength of the bands of 60/70, the connection to emotions all mixed with a current sound can be felt in their shows and albums. The instrumentation, psychedelia, rock, letters, improvisation and quality of expression, perfectly describe this band, that fills with emotion all its music.

Of all the albums released by Eldorado, Babylonia Haze (English) / Karma Generator (Spanish) i…

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  • Another Bright Sunday

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    Breathe the Night
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    Eldorado Live - Lady of the Mountain
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    Background Radiation
  4. Mqdefault
    Another Bright Sunday
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  6. Mqdefault
    Mad Woman
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    Blue Jay Wing
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    Mr Saturn
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Vancouver CanadaCa
Friday, April 08, 2016
I'm an old rocker from another dimension and got spoiled by the really great rock groups. These guys work as hard and sound as good. Thanks for giving it back to us.