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From: Germany

Genre: Dance/Electronica, House, Chillout

Tom Cloverfield is musician, composer, DJ and producer who became an important figure in the world of house and chillout music on the German electronic music scene. Meanwhile his songs are played by radio stations and famous clubs all over the world.

He releases his work through his own label, Ultrasonic Music Germany.

After a handful of well-received singles his full length debut album E-Talk was released in 2009. The next albums Universe and Sunny followed 2010, Jewels For Ibiza was released 2011. His t…

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  • Groove Intoxication (by Soulfield)

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    I´m Feeling Good - The Cloverfield FEEL GOOD SONG
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    Braincatcher by Tom Cloverfield
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    Flowerbomb by Tom Cloverfield
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