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From: MI, United States

Genre: Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore

Arbiter sticks out like a sore thumb in the metal industry. They've got the Metal Rickroll Cover, a how-to-make-breakdowns-with-playing-cards tutorial, and the awkward antics to prove it. Of course, Arbiter isn't all fun & games, boasting an extended discography stuffed with loads more content than the 2 albums and 1 single it would appear they're packing. All in all, the band loves the fans & the fans love the band... What could be better?

Signed to Famined Records along with metal heavyweights The Afte…

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  • Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Thundgergroove Lane)

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    Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Video)
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    Judgement (New Album Promo)
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    Arbiter - 'Unloved and Forgotten' Official…
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    Arbiter - Deadfall (Live 2/23/11)
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