From: United States

Hip Hop/Rap, Spiritual, Psalmist

Music i was raised up for, YAH (GOD Almighty) gave music to be inspiration in praising him and helping others. Yet these days men intentions have been like Satan all about oneself and also Prideful. It's time for a new awakening Spiritually and another African American Movement in these times called Hebrew Movement (Revelation 18: 4).

And about me, Praise YAH and YAHSHUA and wake up Israel (Black America) so we could moving as a moving unit. That's our land and our inheritance. Shalom

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Also note Songs of Deliverance which can be both on itunes, but will be replace by PSongs of Deliverance on the January 2, 2013. Even though support. YAH bless Shalom.

Also CHRIST is the true Prophet and Righteous Man.