Will Black
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From: Canada

Genre: Rock

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Will Black is a dynamic Canadian music performer & independent recording artist who brings a refreshing sound to the future of rock and roll via charisma and talent (ie. Bon Jovi vs. Aerosmith with a shot of Springsteen!)

Will Black wants to be YOUR rock ‘n roll superhero..

Listening to Will’s music you instantly hear a true songwriter’s love for performance. His genuine desire to bring passion into the lives of others fuels his drive to create show…

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    Pretty Garden - Will Black
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    Will Black performs Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry
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    Velvet Revolver - Cherry (demo)
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    Will Black - Dancing With The Dead (unplugged)
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    Velvet Revolver - Mercy Angel (demo)
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    Every Road Leads Home To You - Richie Sambora
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