From: United Kingdom

Reggae, retro/pop, reggae

To date Will and the People have many credible achievements under their belt . when asked to talk about these things Will just utters the words: “Yesterday and tomorrow are boring, let’s talk about today!” This kept all conversation focused on today for the duration of our imaginary interview…

A new line up and a change of residence for WATP (they now live in a barn in the middle of no-where, and make a lot of noise, all of the time) has seemingly and effortlessly created a certain impenetrable aura around the energetic four piece, which not only comes across in the charming style they deliver their tunes, somehow ignoring all today’s pressures of conforming to “what is current” while retaining a real, fresh and honest sound… but also in the songs themselves, which are filled with joyous and heartfelt melodies, and supported by shoulder possessing grooves and lyrics which draw little pictures in your peripherals …

Their influences range from reggae and ska to dance and melodic pop/rock, think Bob Marley and the Wailers meets Radiohead (on a happier day if that is possible) this band are creating a storm at every live show they play and are most definitely ones to watch for 2011, they however, still consider themselves to be “in the making” keep your ears to the ground if you like, you may not have to soon..

'Will and the people, how damned catchy their music is' RWD Magazine

'A touch of Robbie Williams' swagger, the Special's darker sonic shades and a trace of the Police's pop smarts. It shouldn't work, but it does' Sunday Times Culture

'This reggae monster is the closest thing to summer right now' Daily Star

'Cool Reggae-tinged pop' Music Week

'Charismatic Will Rendle fronts this up and coming band. Eerie reggae mixed with the Police' The Sun

'Gloriously tuneful and infectiously upbeat' The Guardian