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From: MD, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Christian/Gospel, Hip hop/Rap/Rock/world

Che Walter started music at the age of 15 years while singing in a church choir.After his education, he decided to further music as paths of his domain. He wrote and recorded his first studio recording tittle HARMONY with his childhood nickname WANTISO on the demo .He burned few copies and sold within his community.In 2010 he released his first album title IT'S TIME and now he go by the name Che Walter.Che came across different culture and musical style that has contributed a lot to his music.

His music help to enable every music listeners to understand the meaning and the melody of originality.

He vision music as part of human existing.

As we all said, music is the food for the soul.

And we are the sowing seeds band and we all love to sing and play music worldwide. He recently released his second album Title "Harmony" and now go with his artist name Wantiso.Thanks for your support.