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From: Austria

Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance/Electronica

The Austria based POP/ROCK/EDM musician ViennaCC with his way of music production puts the listener into a recording room giving her/him the experience of being part of a performance, able to locate every single instrument. Producing music this way is different to today's music production.

ViennaCC: "I like imagining a band performing for me personally. A clean studio sound is too sterile. I don't like feeling in a diffuse cloud of sound. The strongest influence I think is britpop."

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  1. Sunny Day

  2. Nothing But Love

  3. Not Enough at All

  4. This City Has Flair

  5. The Beat - Music Video

  6. I Wanna Feel Your Music Play

  7. If You Wanna Dance

  8. What Happened Here

  9. This is the Moment

  10. Dark Wave

  11. Red Devil Woman

  12. Girl to Meet

  13. Moody Tuesday Blues

  14. Why Don't We Make It

  15. Vox Populi

  16. Dreamgirl - Music Video

  17. Return Home

  18. Get The Groove
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