Vern Lovell

From: AZ, United States

Genre: Country, Country Comedy, Country Blues

Veteran of country music and country comedy.

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  • Neon Lights by Jeffrey Lewis

  • Arizona She's My Home by Bob Atkinson

  • Western Lore Upon the Screen written by Bob Atkinson

  • The Consensus written by Bob Atkinson

  • Elephants in the Room - the Teacher's Poem written by Bob Atkinson

  • Red Sleeves' Lament or Big Trouble at Border Patrol HQ or We Gotta Get Us a Fence written by Bob Atkinson

  • Weary Blues From Waiting cover by Vern Lovell

  • Weary Blues From Waiting cover by Vern Lovell

  • River Crossing by Bob Atkinson

  • The Key That Wouldn't Fit, written by Bob Atkinson

  • Cover-Unforgettable by Curly McClain

  • I Need No Mansion Here Below

  • Let Me Take You To The Cross

  • Half a Pack of Lies by Jude Scott T

  • Whiskey Run by John Coydon

  • Art Don't Pay by Jude Scott T

  • Hangtown Walk by Jude Scott T

  • Mister Wyatt by Bob Atkinson, sung by Vern Lovell

  • Seven and Eight by Bob Atkinson, sung by Vern Lovell

  • Danny Boy by Johnny Bencomo

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