Trey Wonder
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From: United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Punk Rock

Artist and songwriter Trey Hatcher grew up in Amarillo, Texas, and later moved to Vernal, Utah, in what would be the first of many relocations for the young musician. From early on, his friendships were among what he would call the ‘punk rock rejects’, and from a very young age this close affinity to the culture was strengthened by a heart-breaking series of events.

Having lost a friend to suicide during his school years, the journey through life was set to be one of struggle and the climb to overcome…

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  1. Element 115

  2. Happy With Me

  3. Somebody Do Something

  4. Dressing the Corpse

  5. Out of the Dark

  6. Treat it like it's new

  7. Warmer

  8. The Breakdown/Derek's Shirt

  9. GentlePush

  10. Lung butter

  11. Winner takes all

  12. Annie Bruiser

  13. Building Up

  14. I saw the witch

  15. Battle Midnight
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