Toshiya Ochiai
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From: JP

Genre: Pop, Rock, Jazz


The prestigious UK Songwriting Contest 2021 Semi-Finalist (Jazz/Blues), Pandars Label's artist, Toshiya Ochiai was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan's ancient capital. He made his television debut as an actor in 1982 (Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc.). Toshiya studied music theory and jazz guitar under Jim Kelly (Gary Burton and the Berklee All-Stars). He composes songs in English, inspired by British and American songwriters. Heard with Toshiya as a rhythm-lead guitarist in his songs areā€¦

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Toshiya Ochiai songs
  • A Picture of Her Smile (feat. Tomomi Motoyama)

  • After All These Years (feat. Monique Mo Melody) - UK Songwriting Contest 2021: Semi-Final (Jazz/Blues Category)

  • After All These Years (feat. Aki Inayama) - 16th Billboard World Song Contest Honorable Mention Award (Rock Category)

  • Sherry, My Dear (feat. Yutaro Ogida)

  • Dear My Love (feat. Emmi Meibergen) - 25th Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Honorable Mention Award (Pop Category)

  • Welcome New Life (feat. Rin Yamato)

  • Song Of Songs (feat. Rin Yamato)

  • Welcome New Life (Demo recorded at Beaird Music in 1994)

  • English Sky (feat. Yutaro Ogida)

  • Snow In Kyoto/Spring Has Come (feat. Monique Mo Melody & Toshiya Mizukawa) - 17th Billboard World Song Contest Honorable Mention Award (Rock Category)

  • Doing My Time (feat. Emmi Meibergen)

  • Nowhere Man (feat. Erina Nakajima)

  • Sunflowers for My Tears (feat. Nacomi Tanaka)

  • In Between (feat. Emmi Meibergen)

  • So Far Away (Demo recoreded at Providence Production in 1989)

  • He's So Good (feat. Monique Mo Melody)

  • Lost In A Maze (feat. Aki Inayama)

  • Lost In A Maze - Acoustic Version (feat. Monique Mo Melody)

  • Doing My Time (feat. Emmi Meibergen)

  • Many Colors (feat. Emmi Meibergen)

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  1. He's So Good
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