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From: TX, United States

Hip Hop/Rap, R&B

Tyrell Ikpomnwosa Ike Osayi grew up in Queens, New York born on January 10, 1988 to Nigerian parents Efosa Osayi and Jacklyn Pitts. At the age of eight, Tyrell’s biological Mother separated with his Father. His Father raised him alone and worked several jobs to provide for them. They constantly had to move and even reached a point in their lives when they were homeless. Due to Tyrell being the only child and his Father constantly working to provide for them, Tyrell had to raise himself in the streets of New York; acquiring responsibilities as a man at the tender age of 10.

Tyrell gained the natural skill to compose music utilizing writing as a method to express himself, release stress , and outline the challenges he faced while enduring the streets of New York as a child. He looked up to artist such as the late B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls), 2 Pac Shakur, The King of Pop- Michael Jackson, along with KRS1, Rakim, and Jay Z.

Tyrell and his Father moved to Houston, TX when he was 13 years old. His love for music continued to prosper while his writing abilities were maximized. Tyrell released his first project “The Best Kept Secret” as Ty-Fizzle when he graduated from Dulles High School 2006. His mixtape gained recognition amongst business execs granting him his first deal with Sony; allowing him to be on tour & one of the opening acts for Ja Rule. After parting ways with Sony due to breach of contract on their part, Tyrell changed his stage name from Ty-Fizzle to Topik.