From: GA, United States

Soul, Pop, r&b

Show And Tell' is easily one of the most refined pop albums we've auditioned - with many songs exceeding conventional superlatives - and the lead single 'God, Lady You and I' is genuinely ready for radio greatness.'

Tony have a super danceable and ballad sensational sound that can reach all man kind in his music, Funk, Pop, Soul, and Ballad, Tony music can and will reach peoples's heart that care about real music.

Tony believes that the message in his music and

talent will bring love and understanding of a

reaffirmation of a Spiritual value that embodies each

and everyone of us, Tony music is dedicated to all the young Brothers and Sisters all over the world, check

his music out, his music is the real deal his sound also

is intended to inform all Artist he is the Man THE BEST.