Todd Norcross
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From: OH, United States

Genre: Rock, Instrumental, Easy Listening

Described as being "a multi-genre musical genius" and "the best musician in martial arts alive today", Todd Norcross has been writing and recording songs for over eighteen years. He earned a Degree in Sound Engineering and Advanced Music Production from the prestigious "Recording Workshop" school in 1997.

He has written, recorded and produced 28 albums and well over 500 hundred original songs ranging from pop and folk rock to Japanese and Celtic instrumentals and movie soundtrack scores. Although primarily…

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  • Downton Abbey Wedding

Videos From Todd Norcross
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    Driving to Her
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    Pianos in the Sky
  4. Mqdefault
    Rise of the Sun
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    Dark Ages by Todd Norcross
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    Anthem of Emancipation by Todd Norcross
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    Acoustic Guitar Medley by Todd Norcross
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    Todd Norcross Acoustic Finger-picking song.
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    Taiko Rock by Todd Norcross
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    One Day on Earth-Todd Norcross - Copyright 2014
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    Live Spring Jam
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    My Love
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  15. Mqdefault
    Touch, lightly
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    End of the Day
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