Tim Verhees
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From: Belgium

Genre: Dance/Electronica, House, Lounge

At the age of 14 Tim Verhees (°1982) started producing and composing material with a basic sound module and a midi piano hooked up to a Roland MC500 sequencer. When he discovered his first real club track (Speedy J – Pull Over) he was so impressed by the simplicity and the power of the sounds and he became interested in club music. Besides trying to make catchy tunes, he didn’t forget that it’s all about making music from the heart.

A few years later, Tim had his first release with “Love Generator” (foll…

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    Dubmask - The Major Blast - True Story
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    Dubmask - The Major Blast - The Major Blast
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    Dubmask - The Major Blast - Defeat
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    Dubmask - The Major Blast - Jam & Smoke
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    Tim Verhees - Stutter Disco
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    Tim Verhees - Try This EP [USA IMPORT LABEL]
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    Do It
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    Mistery Word
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