Tiffany Apan
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From: PA, United States

Genre: Rock, World, Ambient/New Age

Tiffany Apan is an award winning singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania in the United States.

Tiffany had been exposed to music since she was a child learning from her musician grandparents the guitar, violin, and accordian. She would take up classical piano at age 9.

She began formal classical vocal training at age 12 and appeared in numerous musical theatre and operatic productions throughout the years. Her real turning point as a vocalist, however, was having the opportunity of portraying the role of…

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    Tiffany Apan- "Ghost"
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    Tiffany Apan- "Ashes to Dust"
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    Tiffany Apan- "Scarborough Fair"
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    Run Away and Hide
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    Tiffany Apan featuring Chuck Owston "Greensle…
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    Tiffany Apan feat. Heidi Engel "Carrickfergus…
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