The Space Lounge Syndicate
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From: CA, United States

Genre: Dance/Electronica, Trip-Hop, Instrumental

Forged from the CLASSIFIED FILES of the future, all that can be told is this Album came from another space of NOW, another time where NOW was then and also has never been. Lucky to have made the trip backwards, Admiral Arkillian and General Green bring you a CLASSIC FROM THE FUTURE!

The Space Lounge Syndicate - On a Space Station that MAY or MAY NOT already exist... Ask Elon Musk, he has the answers - and the security clearance.

These beats area all original compositions which float through space and cor…

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  1. "NEW ELEMENTS" SLS Electric Sheep

  2. "REANIMATION" SLS Electric Sheep

  3. "MISSION OVERRIDE" SLS Electric Sheep

  4. "THE OMEGA STATION" SLS Electric Sheep

  5. SPACE LOUNGE MUSIC - Sampler Show

  6. "INTERSTELLAR" to Psychotic Dog NIghtmar…
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California, United States

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