From: United Kingdom

Dance/Electronica, Trip Hop, Experimental

The Sound Foxes Experiment, are a different kind of experimental electronic outfit, taking a stand and making a protest about the tired old world order that still pervades.

We make non-genre specific psychedelic music, and do not believe much in genre labels - we aim to rip up the rule book; however if you want an idea as to how our music sounds, we guess you could describe our quest as experimental post-modern avant garde psychedelic electronic protest music from the deep underground.

The Sound Foxes Experiment are two simple, curious and ordinary souls that have come together through love and play to express themselves through the meaningful cultural art forms of poetry, painting and music.

Publishing music since 2015; we have developed a unique style over time, and our interest in music goes way back. The Sound Foxes Experiment are self taught and make music primarily for fun but also with a pertinent message to share.

We compose, play, mix, produce and master our original sounds ourselves on a tiny budget straight from our steamy bedroom with the aim of sharing our perspective and the revolutionary results with those that care about life and those in it.

When life gets you down, there's always music - a true panacea in a world full of so much suffering. It's so much better to love than hate, so let the Sound Foxes Experiments' psychedelic vibes enrapture your senses.....