This article is about the American doo wop band. For other uses, see Shell (disambiguation).The Shells were an American doo wop ensemble formed in Brooklyn in 1956. The group scored a US pop hit in 1957 with the song "Baby Oh Baby", released on Johnson Records; the song cracked the Top 30. Further singles passed with little success until 1960, when producers Donn Fileti and Wayne Stierle re-issued "Baby Oh Baby"; the tune hit #21 on the US Billboard Hot 100 upon rerelease. The group issued several further singles, as well as a split LP with The Dubs in 1963. Members, Nate Bouknight, Randy Shade Alston, Bobby Nurse, Danny Small, Gus Geter, Alphonse Merkman, Singles, Note:This list is incomplete "Baby Oh Baby" (1957; re-released 1961), "Sippin' Soda" (1958), "She Wasn't Meant for Me" (1959), "Be Sure My Love" (1960), "So Fine" (1960), "Explain it to Me" (1961), "Happy Holiday (1962; with Ray Lamont Jones)