From: TN, US

Rock, Mainstream Rock, Country Rock

Our new single "Cowboy Ride" dropped July 11, 2020! Engineered by Cliff Goldmacher (Grammy Board), Mixed by Dan Korneff (The Pretty Reckless, Paramore), Mastered by Ted Jensen (17 Grammys).

Vocals: Lou Galvan

Guitar: Billy Cuyler

Guitar, Bass. Backing Vocals: Robert Clark

Drums: Nick Buda (Taylor Swift)

Backing Vocals: Jennifer Grais (Jackson Brown)

Produced by Billy Cuyler and Cliff Goldmacher

Co-produced by Lou Galvan and Robert Clark

Recording Engineer: Cliff Goldmacher (Grammy Board)

Recording Engineer: Billy Cuyler

Recording Engineer: Robert Clark

Mix Engineer: Dan Korneff (The Pretty Reckless, Paramore)

Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen (17 Grammys)

Special thanks to...

Sheree' Spoltore'

Bruce Michael Miller (Paul McCartney)

Mason Douglas (Kid Rock)

Forrest York Guitars

Kruse Kontrol Amplification


Forged from the last 3 original members of a band that was working with Grammy nominated Soundgarden and Nirvana engineer Drew Canulette of Dogfish Sound during the rise of the grunge era in the Pacific Northwest, the Rough Puppies have come back together with a new band based in Nashville, Tennessee to record new material for film sync and commercial Mainstream Rock radio!

With help and encouragement from our old friend Drew, and now from our new friends Cliff Goldmacher, Dan Korneff, Ted Jensen, and others, the Rough Puppies are helping to define 21st century Mainstream Rock!

The Rough Puppies are back!



Drew Canulette was instrumental in helping to launch the "Grunge" movement that came out of the Pacific Northwest in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as Drew worked with many of the famous grunge bands to come out of that era that were playing in the Seattle clubs, including Soundgarden and Nirvana. Drew recorded these bands using a mobile recording studio for which he was known for at the time.

Drew was "the guy" you wanted on "live" sound back in those days, or in recording your still unknown band. For all things to do with rock'n roll, in the mid to late 1980s and beyond, Drew Canulette was your man in the Pacific Northwest. And in 1990 Drew was nominated for a Grammy for Best Metal Performance on the first Soundgarden album "Ultramega OK" that he recorded both remotely in Seattle, and at his Dogfish Sound studios in Newberg, Oregon during the spring of 1988.

And The Rough Puppies (then Trauma) were fortunate to have Drew as both a "live" sound man, as well as to have recorded with Drew as our engineer on our first and only attempt at creating a master to be used in soliciting a record deal with a label. We entered Drew's Dogfish Sound studios in the fall of 1985 with 23 songs ready to record and purge down into an album that we had spent 3 1/2 years woodshedding and preparing for. Had we remained on track to finish our album, our master would have been finished in late 1986 or early 1987, just about a year before Soundgarden began recording their master with Drew, for what ultimately became their first album "Ultramega OK."

And the rest is history :o)

The recording of Every Night Girl was engineered by Drew during these fall sessions in 1985. But Trauma never made it. In the early days working on Every Night Girl with Drew in his new studio, our band broke up.

Every Night Girl was hoped to be our breakthrough song. What remains is a work tape that Drew made for us to take home overnight. He never touched the material again, and this is not a representation of this award winning producer’s work. We primarily broke up over the loss of our lead singer, and he does not appear on these recordings. The master for Every Night Girl was lost in a fire at Dogfish Sound in the 1990s.

The name “Trauma” was since used by another band, so I named our new band The Rough Puppies, the pet name Drew had for Wild Dogs, another band Drew was working with at the time. Deen Castronovo was the drummer for Wild Dogs, and then later went on as the drummer for Bad English, Ozzy Osbourne on his Ozzmosis album, and then for Journey on their last 5 albums.

Yes, we were running in the fast lane back then, and Trauma was also on track to release an album through Dogfish Sound in the late 80s, just a year before Soundgarden. It was supposed to be Trauma, Soundgarden, and Nirvana.

There was a third band... #The3rdBand

...but we self destructed.

Our heartfelt thanks go out from the Rough Puppies to Drew Canulette and Dogfish Sound for helping us fire up this band again for the 21st century!

Billy Cuyler | The Rough Puppies