The Relics (Kick Ass)

From: AZ, United States

Genre: Rock, Garage, Punk

PhOeNiX AriZoNA OuTLaW PuNk RAwKErS who miraculously survived the original melee in the 70's to meet 30 years (damn) later to wreak havoc upon this wasteland in teh desert...

Current Members:

Vic Tims- Vox/Guitar

D. Tease- Bass/Vox

T.I.T.S.- Drums/Cowbell

VooDooRx- Guitar/Vox

Former Members:

Dan Wall- Lead Guitar/Vox

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Vancouver CanadaCa
Wednesday, October 03, 2012
You do kick ass. Just right for tonight. Be good to the girls, okay?