The Qube
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From: Canada

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, spoken word, ambient

Indoctrination-a 3 CD Spoken word / soundscape adventure and Experimental Feature Film exploring intelligent design, the evolution of man's spirituality and his compassion for humanity, while destroying himself and the world due to character flaws. A drug addicted street poet's musings on man's role, human nature, self examination and spirituality warped through perceptions of mass media, literature, and art. In the end, the truth of events becomes secondary to our perception of these events, and the world…

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  1. The Qube - And It Was So

  2. Christmas Mourning 2012-The Qu

  3. Indoctrination 1 song Rough Cut The Qube

  4. Indoctrination 2 song Rough Cut The Qube

  5. dark one feature film

  6. how eid I get in here?

  7. truth

  8. spotted dog of truth

  9. The Qube - Dig The Picture

  10. Everything - The Qube
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