The New Era Project

From: NC, United States

Genre: Pop, Rock, Indie

The New Era musical group originally began with three friends from Long Island, New York. The creator and leader of the band: "Vito Masilotti", is currently writing, recording, and performing all his own material, while maintaining 'The New Era' brand name; Which originated and was used by these three musician friends, to identify their unique and innovative blend of Pop/Rock music, long before anyone else...

The New Era Project songs

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  1. The New Era - Elderberry Wine

  2. The New Era-A Children's Song/Moonlight Slumbe…

  3. The New Era - The Long, Lonely Road...

  4. The New Era - The Summer Wind

  5. The New Era - Mid-December

  6. The New Era - I'd Be There

  7. The New Era - Reprise

  8. The New Era - The Broken Heart

  9. The New Era - Reprise II

  10. The New Era-Reprise3/The Next Chapter Continues...

  11. The New Era - The Way I'm Feeling You
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United States
Saturday, May 21, 2011
Vito, I just love the arrangements you've put together! Themes and lyrics very nice. I've always loved your voice also, keep up the Great Writing and Singing!