The Movies
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From: MN, United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Indie, Pop

The Movies make melodic alt-pop songs with poetic lyrics. Hailing from Southeastern Minnesota, the founding members of the band are Mike Larson and Pete Tellijohn. Larson is the lead singer and songwriter, and Tellijohn is a multi-talented instrumentalist and arranger/producer. Their first release, Nothin's on Its Way, was well-received critically but did not get much exposure. They added bassist Jason Tako for the recording of their second release, Sway--a moody, engaging collection of eight songs that makā€¦

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  1. Everything

  2. Another Shade of Blue

  3. Time Makes a Deal

  4. Nameless

  5. I Can't Stay

  6. It Won't Go Away

  7. Sway

  8. Broke

  9. Blue Carnival

  10. What I Want

  11. There She Goes

  12. Nothin's on Its Way

  13. Skin and Bone

  14. You'd Rather Have Love

  15. I Let It Ring

  16. It's Still Raining

  17. There Is a Beatrice

  18. Ghosts in the Rain

  19. Ghosts in the Rain (Colored Tree Production)
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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
good sounding record