From: NE, United States

Pop, children, family

The Mighty Magic Pants began with what Mike Mennard called “a tiny idea that began to grow.”

Mike had performed exclusively kids’ music since 2004, sharing his silly songs, poems, and fun throughout the Midwest. Most knew him as the “Nebraska Pirate,” and the Lincoln Journal Star labeled him “Nebraska’s Poet Laureate of Silliness.”

In that time, Mike produced six family recordings and a children’s poetry book, The Left-sock Tree.

But in the summer of 2011, an idea struck.

While helping at Southwood Lutheran Church’s Vacation Bible School, Mike met Jill Rice. She had the ability to engage kids like none Mike had ever met. She taught the kids motions to the songs and made every child feel important, awake, and excited about singing.

That’s when the idea struck: Why can’t that same contagious interaction be shared—everywhere.

It’s amazing how good ideas attract great people—in this case, really great people.

First, Mike turned to his long-time friend and fellow pirate, Jacob Wright. Jacob—a.k.a. “Pirate Jake.” Jacob had played percussion with Mike since his very first family show in 2004. Mike could not imagine forming a new group without him.

Next, Mike thought of Tori Hudgins, one of his former college students and currently a math teacher at North Star High School in Lincoln. Mike remembered her as a great actor, great singer, and delightful person. He was right.

To Mike’s astonishment, Ryan Teller offered to try out. Ryan is the director of public relations at Union College in Lincoln, and Mike knew him only in that role. Apparently, his wife Tawnya and his four kids knew he could sing and light up a stage, but not Mike. What a pleasant shocker.

Lastly, Mike turned to the inspiration of his idea—Jill Rice. It seemed a long-shot, but why not ask her to join. Jill is a licensed counselor who, with her husband Troy, has three children. To Mike’s joyous surprise, she said yes.

And thus a wonderful idea became a cool new group for kids’ and families—Mike and and the Mighty Magic Pants. The group debuted at the Lincoln Children’s Museum in July 2012. Since then, they have shared their inane brand of silliness to families everywhere.

Their debut studio recording, "Gotta be the Pants!", arrived in June 2013. In March 2014, the group released its second album, "Far Out."