The Mannish Boys are a blues band based in Los Angeles, California. They play classic blues in West Coast, Texas and Chicago styles.

Led by vocalist Finis Tasby, the band consists of all-star veteran members of the West Coast blues scene. The band debuted from Delta Groove Productions in 2004 with the album That Represent Man. The members on the debut CD were Finis Tasby (vocals), Kirk Fletcher (guitar), Franck Goldwasser (guitar), Leon Blue (piano), Ronnie James Weber (bass) and June Core (drums). The CD featured guests including Roy Gaines, Paul Oscher, and Mickey Champion. They have been making appearances at festivals in the U.S., Canada, and also in Europe.

It may be best to consider this band to be a loose session project as the lineup changes from recordings to recordings and also from shows to shows. Bobby Jones, a blues and soul vocalist from Chicago came on board as a special guest on Big Plans (2007), and became an official member soon after.

The Mannish Boys Lowdown Feeling was nominated in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards for 'Blues Album of the Year'.