The Freedom Toast
Videos from The Freedom Toast
Videos From The Freedom Toast

  1. His Pillow His Pillow, His Pillow

  2. Talkin' TSA Blues

  3. Lazin' On A Covid Afternoon

  4. Trump Slip Sliding Away-a parody

  5. Casey at the Bat-Donald going bats

  6. Give it to me (Vaccine parody of Feeling Groovy)

  7. The King of Corona

  8. The Salad of Roger Stone

  9. Respect for Hillary

  10. Ghost Donald In The Sky

  11. Stand With Your Man

  12. Home on the Range (GW Bush version)

  13. Trump "in D.C." instead of "on Broa…

  14. Moscow Mitch

  15. Washington, D.C.

  16. Dumb Down

  17. Strangers on the Right

  18. Mar-a-Lagoville

  19. Fun Fun Fun Trump Parody

  20. NO Business