From: CA, United States

Folk, Rock, Acoustic

The Donnis Trio consists of Nate Donnis(songwriter/guitar/vocals), Phil Woodring (drums/bg vocals), and Denis Sluka (bass). Formed in late 2005, the trio met for the first time after Nate and Denis auditioned Phil on drums at Nate's apartment in Encinitas. In 2006, the band began playing shows in various San Diego venues which prompted them to investigate options for recording. The band settled on renting a desert house for a week and bringing out Phil's (somewhat mobile) studio. They ended up rigging up the guest house as the live tracking room and the house for the mixing/monitoring. The place was very isolated and eerily quiet. It brought about some interesting moods and helped hone the feelings in Tip of the tongue and Pills and Coffee. Despite their intentions only a few tracks made it to the final album from these sessions and the rest were re-recorded in various bedroom/closets.

In early 2007, they released All Directions and did some small short tours up the CA coast. The CD received favorable reviews and later found its way into the popular British TV Series Skins. The Skins Episodes and a growing fanbase on Pandora helped the songs "Tip of the tongue" and "Pills and Coffee" gain momentum and expose the band to new fans all over the world.

In 2012, The Donnis Trio released a new EP entitled Cole Pond, which has also received favorable reviews and another full album is slated to be released in Feb 2013.