The Dean Martinis
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From: TN, United States

Genre: Jazz, Blues, Swing

Say hey, DaddyO, let me tug your coat about The Dean Martinis. Put these six cool cats in the mix and you'll have an instant lip-smacking, hand-clapping, boogie-your-woogie good time. Stirring up a heady brew of jump blues, swinging jazz, and 1950's New Orleans R & B, The Dean Martinis keep the dance floor jumping all night long, yet manage to give the wallflowers something to hang their hats on. When they aren't playing the music, chances are you will see them out dancing to it. So, if you need your joint…

The Dean Martinis songs
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  • When The Saints Go Marching In

  • I Want To Get To Know Her Better

  • Library Anne

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  1. The Dean Martinis at Farmers' Market Swing Dan…
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United States
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Love it! Nice and jumpy!