The DML Conspiracy
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From: TX, US

Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Southern Rock

The DML Conspiracy is driven with a guttural sense of purpose and determination to forge their own and leave behind a legacy of quality music that will live well beyond their time.

From the ashes of a disbanded DML Cartel, singer/songwriter, Dodd Michael Lede, formed the DML Conspiracy out of necessity. “It was time to put together a band in order to play these songs live,” Lede admits. “I had been writing and recording these songs over the span of a four-year period. I wanted someone else, outside of my…

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Videos From The DML Conspiracy

  1. California - Official Music Vido

  2. Secret To The Grave - Lyric Video

  3. Butterfly Tattoo - Lyric Video

  4. Hello Superman - Lyric Video

  5. The Full Affect - Lyric Video

  6. Poison In Your Well - Lyric Video

  7. Yesterday - Lyric Video

  8. Happy Hour - Lyric Video

  9. California - Lyric Video
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