The Chosen Spirit
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From: United Kingdom

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, Acoustic, Blues an opiate...has a strange and intoxifying effect on the human mind and body...

Some reactions lead to foot tapping / full on wig-outs on the dance floor / contemplation / meditation / head-nods / bliss / anger...the full gamut of human emotion.

Lyrics range from the poetic to the is a constant source of inspiration...moments in our lives / people we meet can all relate back to certain passages of music...its always is part of life...harmony /…

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    Hear My Prayer Pt 1
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    Sweet Scented Woman
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    A Sense of Knowing
  4. Mqdefault
    An Unquenchable Thirst
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    Come On Home
  6. Mqdefault
    Heads Up!!
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    Shadows Flicker
  8. Mqdefault
    Tiempo De Desfrutar
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