From: United Kingdom

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Rock, Experimental

THE CATS are world travellers,

soldiers of fortune, philosophers,

champions of the oppressed,

international lovers,

casual heroes, mild mannered

gladiators, all-singing all-dancing

bill topping show stopping

lean mean sex machines,

a DREAM to some

- a NIGHTMARE! to others.

Bon vivants, tiger taming

bar emptying uprising quelling

skirt raising revolution starters,

ambassadors, philanthropists,

politicians, pragmatists,

media darlings and media haters,

defenders of the faith,

salt of the earth

and all round good eggs.

THE CATS are musical guerillas

whom attack in the dead

of night then disappear

without looking back leaving only

the truth, like a smoking gun;

that - out there - some where -

out there - alive and WILD is an

entity able to rouse

and soothe your soul.

Right here right now the truth is

available to YOU.

THE CATS is music for EVERYONE.

Dancers, Thinkers, Rockers, Jazzers,

Musicians, Drivers, the Lonely,

the Lover.

As postmodernistic rootsrespective

absorbing avant-garde explorers;

THE CATS are unrepentant.

THE CATS are hell raising law

breaking beasts. They don't want

to be movers and shakers -

they ARE groovers and earthquakers.

Don't delay get a piece of

the action right away.

Catch THE CATS while you can!

Crazy creative jaw dropping

drop dead gorgeous

and then some!