From: Korea, Republic of

Rock, Indie, Electronic

The Breathing is an international band with a long history and a new beginning. The Breathing started in America and relocated to S. Korea where they released their first album, Walk Away on a Korean record label in 2006. After leaving the company the band released their second album, Ready, as a digital release on Itunes.

After the Korean military came calling for drummer Andrew Kim, The Breathing was forced to take a break for a few years. Members moved on to other things. Founding member, Mitch Auvenshine, took the time to release a solo album called Hello Lawless. In 2013, Andrew, Mitch, and vocalist Sunny Kang, joined newest member Josh Blanchard to work on some new songs with a new sound.

Their newest full length release, Return, is now available and showcases this new sound. Using more electronics, mixed with Andrew’s energetic drumming and Sunny’s unique voice and melodies, the album showcases a new direction for the band. It is also more of a collaborative work than the band’s previous releases. The songs on Return were all written together as a team, with each member bringing a different perspective musically and lyrically, even linguistically. The songs are a mix of English and Korean, electronic rock and pop, sadness and joy, faith in the eternal and disappointment in the temporal.