From: NC, United States

Alternative/Alt. Rock, Songwriter, Producer

The Black Panther is the name that the person who makes this music uses. The music itself, more important than the man, is intended to be enjoyed for entertainment and appreciated for it's aesthetic merits; it lacks agenda, political motivation, or a 'message' so characteristic of modern 'song-writers.' Although descriptions of modern situations designed to seem realistic may seem polemic, and aimed at any of a number of horrors/atrocities/governments/social structures/corporations/plastic/macdonalds/milk from cows/ prejudices/ belief systems/ ignorance/ those who would harm honey bees/ and every issue which deserves the attention of every person who can afford not to think about eating and living, the similarities to actual situations and organizations described are purely coincidental. The person who writes this music chooses not to assume in his youthful years that he knows something important about life that you should learn by listening to a pop song, nor that the details of his personal and life love are of great interest or consequence to anyone, nor does he believe the following is true: a guitar + issue or issues= a song. The Black Panther, like any educated artist, resists the self-defeating and callow call to 'originality' that serves most often to license the ignorant beginner every sort of atrocious attempt at freshness. These lost facts will help to illuminate the philosophies of the Black Panther: Before William Wordsworth's genius made his subject subjectivity, art, with very few exceptions, demanded a subject. Poetry and Painting, the pillars, are primarily arts of allusion, as is much music. That this should be is evident from the vast leaps forward that techne, a cumulative endeavor, has experienced, compared to the utter reversal that modern art in all it's forms has suffered. What moving forward means is knowing the way from which we came. Therefore, the music of the Black Panther embraces, references, copies, and rips off as many of those artists who came before as possible, as does all the music you listen to, knowingly or not. The difference, and indeed the only thing the Black Panther can offer, is that those allusions are placed in such a way so that the context of the reference itself has meaning, frequently ironic. Nor does this seemingly scientific approach preclude the practice of including in the songs what feels right. An explanation of the work can only describe the result, not explain the process, any more than one can, or should, explain how they feel as a song they like comes on. The reason that the Black Panther continues to write songs is because the joy I imagine when I think of someone getting that feeling as they listen to one of my songs is precisely like that feeling, only much, much more. Please enjoy.