The Adopted

From: Canada

Genre: Rock, Alternative, Pop Punk

The Adopted is a rock n' roll band with a large and loyal worldwide internet following. Download our music on iTunes and through most digital retailers, starting at only $0.99!

Cheetah Davy Lai - lead singer, guitars

Danae "Thrips" Tsikouras - drums, triggers & backing vocals

Danny Frenette - bassist, backing vocals

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  1. Destiny

  2. I Want You So Bad (Tour Diary)

  3. Shout Out Everything

  4. Happiness is Sitting Next to You

  5. Singed

  6. No Matter Where You Are

  7. I Want You So Bad

  8. All I Want for Christmas (Cover)

  9. Love
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Thursday, August 07, 2014
Sounds great!