Terri Geisel
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From: NC, United States

Genre: Christian/Gospel, Classical, Country

Terri Geisel is a pianist/songwriter who plays spiritual new age compositions, with a psalmist calling. She studied for 10 years, and her playing has now spanned several decades.

Healing qualities flow from this ethereal, heavenly music, relieving your stress and bringing peace & positive change to your atmosphere. Be transported to another realm, as Terri worships the Lord in the Secret Place, where deep calls to deep...

This music is wonderful for soaking, meditation, study and prayer.

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    Lifting The Bridal Veil by Terri Geisel
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    Over The Mountains We Run by Terri Geisel
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    Fire Of My Love by Terri Geisel Soaking Music
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    Silent Night by Terri Geisel and Godvidz
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    Music: Journey To The Secret Place Video: Arise!
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