From: Germany

Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal

TERRATEYA is Filmphonic Metal - the drama and atmosphere of great film music combined with the power and drive of heavy metal. It's the best of both worlds!

Founded in February 2011, the German sextet is set to conquer the world. Raving reviews of TERRATEYA's debut album foreshadow the exciting adventure ahead:

“Full of energy, drive and passion, the music of Terrateya will put a spell on you! (…) With their album ‘Whispers Torn From A Raven’s Dream’, Terrateya have paved their way for an international career” (

“‘Whispers Torn from a Raven’s Dream’ is an album so full of details, that other bands would need several CDs to house all these ideas. (…) You can listen to this LP almost forever.” (Zillo Musik Magazin)


Lisa Rieger (Vocals)

Michael Cirak (Guitars)

Max Gröger (Piano)

Anne Struwe (Bass)

Rose Simpson (Violin)

Toni Holzbauer (Drums)

Former members:

Stefan Siegl (Vocals, as heard on album "Whispers Torn from a Raven's Dream")

Experience over an hour of RAW DREAM and PURE THUNDER:

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