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From: MD, US

Genre: World, urban folk, R&B


Thanks for your support!. We are in challenging times, I wanted to reflect on the past for a moment, so we added ; Otis Redding, James Taylor, Luther Vandross, Jah Cure, The Isley Brothers, Jaheim and for those who have never listened the brilliant music of Woody Guthrie. What? Why this music? The answer is simple, a reflection of the past, similar times, different experience but interesting music. Enjoy the mix, Peace and Blessings Amos.


New release by Merkury Gold - "Blessings"…

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Tenable Music songs
  • Wayne Chino Lin - (Omar Tyree - Monologues)

  • Omar Tyree - Revelation

  • Air Diaz - Sexiness (Omar Tyree - Monologues)

  • Ring Tone - Ride With Me

  • Bari Lutalo & Amorous Ebony - Bounce

  • Y P the Prophet -Wins and Losses

  • Bari Lutalo Room (feat. Amorous Ebony)

  • Merkury Gold - Blessings

  • Amos W. Drummond - Bass USA Bossa - Corcovado

  • Amos W. Drummond ft. Jabari Lutalo - Nature's Hands

  • WAV - "Wasted"

  • WAV - "Play"

  • WAV - "Love Me"

  • WAV - "Splash"

  • WAV - "Pull UP"

  • CARLTON B ft. Amos W. Drummmond and BARI - Woman Walk With Me

  • Voyager 11 - Do You

  • Voyager 11 - Be Great

  • Amos W. Drummond - Bass USA Bossa - Corcovado (My Mountain)

  • Amos W. Drummond - Yesterday Can't Be Today

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020
Just listened to YP The Prophet - 10.21.92, a great song. Reminded me a mix between Kanye and Jay-Z.