From: NY, United States

World, Pop

The album My Lucky Star is a collaboration between the Georgian singer Tata Chubinidze and David Monte Cristo. It contains 11 popular songs from Georgia and Russia and a cover of Madonna’s "You’ll See".

From an early age Tata has dedicated herself to music. In her native country of Georgia there is a long tradition of vocal excellence, and it was here that she received her artistic training. As the lead vocalist in the groups "Maisi", "Magic Roads" and "Berikoni", she has toured and performed in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. She has performed as a soloist for the Georgian State Philharmonic and as an invited performer at the 20th All-Union Conference in Moscow. Here she performed for a delegation at the prestigious Ostankino Concert Hall and received high praise for her song "Zherebyonok" (Pony). She also performed on Russian State Television and received the coveted prize "The Crystal Rose" at the All-Union Contemporary Music Festival in Moscow in 1989. Also in that year, the record company Melodiya released an album in which she appeared as the lead vocalist of the group "Berikoni".

Tata has received many honors and awards for her musical, artistic and academic talents.