Tann Starr
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From: NY, United States

Genre: Alternative/Alt. Rock, RnB, Jazz Blues

Carolyn Tann Starr (born 1965), professionally known as "Wordy C" and "Tann Starr" is an American writer, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and fine artist.

Her discography includes Vamp, AJ, Get Active, The Chocolate House, Zetherael, Stingray, Bounce It Baby, Poppy D and Drum.

She is a member and founder of the bands UberMental, an American old school hip hop and alternative rock band formed in New York City April 2009 and La Femme Art. Her most popular genres are Jazz, Neo-Soul, Singer-So…

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    Central Park - Alice In Wonderland
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    Bounce It Baby
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    Kim Harrison NYU Bookstore - NYCC 2011 Q&A
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    Cincinnati Slideshow May - June 2011
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    Life With Wee People - RainCamp PA
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    Ward Nasse Gallery Afterparty at Peep
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    Sana's Portrait by the artist Tann Starr Study…
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    National Harbour - The Awakening
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