From: NC, United States

Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Soul

Tamara L. Wilson

Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist

I am putting out some music with a positive vibe, that hopefully helps somebody, somewhere feel better! Spread the Love! In short, music for me started as a child singing with my 'Papa' and my Dad, (when he was in town!). My only vocal training was in chorus at school and one voice class at a community college. I sang locally in South Carolina, USA in my 20's, did the Marriott circuit in my 30's, went to a community college in Mesa, AZ in my 40's where I took a few classes in music including recording and piano. That's when I really started writing, as soon as my hands hit the keys.

'Paradise' and 'Everything To Me' were my first songs I wrote, and went out on my debut album 'Let's Get Something Started' released in 2010; which was re-released in 2018 as 'Paradise'. 'Paradise' did make it to the top 10 on a site called Soundscan (for singer/songwriter artist), out of about 20,000 songs in the pop category. Next, my first EP 'Freedom' was released in 2018, and now my second EP 'Your Own Kind Of Beautiful' being release mid-August 2019.

Now I write songs in my spare bedroom with a 24 track, a Shure 58, and a keyboard. That's where it all begins. I am fortunate to have a great team, a true heart and I let Love lead the way! I feel a responsibility to share my gifts, and I am doing my best to share as much as I can.

I hope you enjoy the music and feel inspired by it...

Coming from the Heart,